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From Arne Schirmacher <>
Subject How to conserve memory usage?
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 17:54:17 GMT
I have a web application which I want to deploy
several times on one server, so that every customer
has his own instance.

How should I do this so that the memory footprint per
deployment is minimized?

A colleague suggested creating one .war file and
referencing this file in several
webapps/application_01.xml, webapps/application_02.xml
etc. files. He said this would be more efficient than
creating several identical webapps/application_01,
webapps/application_02 etc. directories.

Is this true? Are there any better approaches?

When using the same approach with Tomcat 5 I
discovered that the .war file is still unpacked
several times in the webapps directory, once per
conf/Catalina/localhost/application_nn.xml file.

Do I now lose the memory consumption advantage
compared to Tomcat 4? Are there any better methods to
run many instances of the same web application inside
one Tomcat?


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