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From Adam Buglass <>
Subject Can't find method to write bean property
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 09:46:45 GMT
This has had me puzzled for a couple of days now.

I've checked the docs, the faqs and the list archives.

I have a JSP which attempts to save information to a bean usinglines of
code such as:

<jsp:setProperty name="thisUser" property="userid" />

The corresponding Java is:

private String userID;
public void setUserid( String LuserID )
//      this.userID = LuserID;
	userID = LuserID;

As you can see, I've attempted using both lines of code that are in the

Everytime I see evidence of another similar problem it has been fixed by
using the value attribute in the JSP like:
<jsp:setProperty name="thisUser" property="userid" value="" />
but this hasn't worked for me.

I *always* get the following error:
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Can't find a method to write property
'userid' in a bean of type 'ISPSelfCare.Login'

I've checked the obvious such as package / class names etc.

Has anyone got any ideas where I'm making the error?


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