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From "Kawthar Bt M Sulaiman" <>
Subject RE: Connection Pool setup.
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 02:08:47 GMT

Hi Kal,

Thank you... your getConnection() and releaseConnection() also very
Will implement and test them... 


>>> 02/04/2004 08:47:43 PM >>>


I'd like to know how to implement connection pooling in my
This is what I had done so far.  Pls let me know what I need to change

to use the pooling mechanism.

1.  I created a singleton class: DatabaseOperations.
2.  It has an Connection instance: conn.
3.  During initialization, it gets connection as follows:
     DataSource ds  = (DataSource)
     conn = ds.getConnection();

4.  I have several public operations method (e.g
5.  Let's say I'd like to perform a select statement.  Inside my
     Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
     ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(...);
     <process the result>

     In my finally block, I have:

1.  Do I need to code any different to enable the connection pooling?

2.  When I called ds.getConnection(), does it opens up several
connections for pooling
     or just one connection?
	Depends on how you have it configured. maxActive and maxIdle
settings for the resource.

3.  Do I need to close conn every time as well?  Since conn is an
     how does it gets connection everytime an operation method is
called? (insert, select, update).

	Yes, you have to close the connection each time, which returns
the connection to the pool for
other processes to use. 

I have the following methods in my generic DataBase Operations class.
    static public Connection getConnection() throws SQLException {
        Connection conn = null;
            conn = ds.getConnection();
        catch (Exception e) {
        return conn;

    static public void releaseConnection(Connection con){
        if (con != null)
        catch (Exception e) {

which get and close my connections for me. So, when I am in the
selectOperations(..) I call the getConnetion()
to get a connection and in the finally block I call the
releaseConnection() method.

Hope this helps.

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