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From Christian Riedel <>
Subject Apllications used to work - now hangs without any message in the logs
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 15:07:01 GMT

using Tomcat 5.0.19 we ran a web app that used to work just fine until 
Wednesday. But here is our problem:

The app uses an OracleConnectionCache for database access. Without 
having changed anything on the code responsible for this, the app hangs. 
Debugging via System.out.println(...) commands before every actual 
command showed, that the app's main class is entered, the servlet init 
params are parsed and then a method is called to prepare database 
access. This method is entered as well (System.out.println(...) in the 
constructor confirmed this) and the next command is

	ods = new OracleConnectionCacheImpl();

This instanciating seems to hang for ever. No command behind this call 
is reached. We have not changed any byte of this code. Even a complete 
Web-app, packed as war, that definetely used to work a few days ago does 
not work any longer.

The Oracle-JDBC-Driver is packed in the war's WEB-INF/lib dir and, as 
said before, did not make any trouble until Wednesday.

Now, when I execute the same code, that the webapps uses, as standalone 
java app, there is no problem: database connection can be established 

I dont think, that any of our settings can be the cause, as the 
instaciating of OracleConnectionCacheImpl uses the default constructor 
and the settings would be done manually later via appropriate set...() 

We even tried a complete, clean, reinstall of tomcat (both 5.x (5.0.19) 
and 4.x (4.1.24)) using a war archive from our backups that definetely 
worked a few days ago (and hasn't been touched since then). But the 
problem remains.

As there is no problem accessing the db with the same code as standalone 
app (using exactly the same oracle driver as in the war archive) we 
assume, that the problem is something with the conatiner. But we are 
pretty clueless what it is.

I hope anyone can give us some usefull hints. We have spent 2 whole days 
now trying to figure out the root of the problem but have not been 
succesfull so far.


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