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From "Stormblade" <>
Subject Installation Help Needed (Solved)
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 18:46:36 GMT
Thank you much for your trouble-shooting help. I was able to get 
things working thanks to you. In the end it was my firewall script. 
The port was open as I said, however, I forgot that I had specified a 
port range for re-direction and yup 8080 was in that range. So I 
changed it to exclude 8080 and voila it all worked fine.

I'd forgotten all about lynx heh. Lynx worked just fine on the 
machine as did telnetting to the 8080 port from the host machine. 
Which narrowed it down. So thanks again for helping me pin point it. 
I know someone else suggested that it was a firewall issue and I 
suspected they were right but I needed to find a way to determine 
that for sure and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what the 
deal was. I'd checked my script before but since I wasn't sure it was 
the culprit I didn't examine it as strongly as I just did. :)

So thanks again.

> On Thu, Apr 01, 2004 at 11:07:21AM -0500, Stormblade wrote:

> : java    19217 root    5u  IPv4 811539       TCP *:webcache 


> OK, so Tomcat is up and listening.

> (I'll assume that "webcache" = 8080; that's for you to confirm.)



> Next step: from the Tomcat host, try to interact with the port.

> Use Lynx if it's available; otherwise send raw HTTP requests to the

> port, e.g. "telnet localhost 8080"


> Don't worry about specifying valid webapp paths and such: IIRC 

> doesn't even send an error page when you connect from the browser,

> right?



> If that works -- even a tomcat error page -- try the same technique 

> your other machine.

> (telnet tomcat-host 8080 or lynx http://tomcat-host:8080/something)


> If that fails, then you're pretty much down to a networking problem

> (fw/router/host file/DNS mixup).


> Run ifconfig on the tomcat server to confirm the IPs are what you 

> they are.  Issue requests to the IPs, if need be.


> -QM


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