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From Ron Gomes <>
Subject Re: Reloading of apps deployed as WAR files
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:57:37 GMT
On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Parsons Technical Services wrote:

> Unless there is something I am missing on your setups try this:
> In the manager for one of the apps click on remove. (It actually does the
> stop for you.)
> Then go down the page to the next section where all you do is specify the
> path to your war file.
> This will deploy the war into a folder named the same as the war file.

We can't re-deploy this way because app deployment depends on several
non-default things that we set in the <Context> stub, most importantly
the context root (which cannot be just the name of the WAR file, given
our long-established naming conventions).

However, it does work if we use the "XML Configuration file URL"
section to refer to the location of the <Context> stub.  But, again,
that's more awkward and error-prone.

This seems an odd deficiency in Tomcat, given what we've seen in other
products.  What could be simpler and more intuitive than a "reload"
button for an app that works with WAR files?

> From the sound of things it would be worth your while to move up to TC5.
> Then a simple remove and straight deploy from war would work fine with most
> setups as your <context> stub is part of the war.

Moving to Tomcat 5 would be premature for us at this point, though I
expect we will eventually.

But it sounds like you're describing a TC-specific change to the WAR
file format; is that the case?  That would not be an option for us
because we need to be able to deploy on other servlet containers.  That
would be mitigated a little (though not entirely) if the change is
transparent to other containers.

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