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From "Andy Eastham" <>
Subject RE: [OT?] Apache Portable Runtime & JK2
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:11:16 GMT

I built it on Solaris 9.  I'd already built and installed apache 2, and all
required libraries were then installed.  Are you specifically trying to do
this without installing Apache2?

If not, here's my simple notes:
build mod_jk2:

download connector src:

gunzip and untar the distribution, then
cd jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src.tar.gz/jk/native2
./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs

Built libraries are:

Copy these libraries into /usr/local/apache2/modules
cp jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src/jk/build/jk2/apache2/
cp jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk2-2.0.2-src/jk/build/jk2/apache2/

Obviously, the java and apache paths may be different, but hopefully this
might help?


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From: Dale, Matt [] 
Sent: 01 April 2004 13:55
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: [OT?] Apache Portable Runtime & JK2


I need to build the JK2 connector on Solaris 9, I know that the APR
libraries are needed for building on linux and assume this to also be the
case with Solaris.

I have downloaded the source of APR from but it states
that this is just alpha and not ready for system wide use. So my questions
are as follows.

1. Do I need APR to build JK2 on Solaris 9

2. If so where do I get APR and is the 0.9.4 version suitable?

3. If not then where do I get a suitable version.


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