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From "Ken McCloskey" <>
Subject ServerLifecycleListener and SHUTDOWN
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:54:07 GMT
I know that you can add a ServerLifecycleListener under <Server> in 
conf/server.xml to receive notifications for the major server lifecycle 
events, one of which is shutdown.

However, because of the way classloaders work in Tomcat, there is no way 
(that I know of) to call from the ServerLifecycleListener into application 
code to do resource cleanup.

In my particular scenario, I'm attempting to use JOTM to gain JTA 
functionality in Tomcat. However, if I use JOTM, I'm not able to cleanly 
shutdown Tomcat, since I can not call the JOTM stop method to shut down the 
transaction manager.

Any thoughts or help either in regard to usefully using the shutdown event 
or w/ a Tomcat/JTA solution?


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