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From "k e" <>
Subject Tcat 4.1.27; W2K; IIS5; Multiple Site Config Verification
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 20:37:55 GMT

a) We see sites/apps/instances hang when their specific service threads go 
to 107 (see attached files for our configured #'s)

b) I don't see many newsgroup threads/documentation about configuring Tomcat 
for hosting mutltiple instances in an ASP/Hosting scenario - Are the 
configurations in the attachements correct?


1) If AJP 1.3 connector is not being used except for troubleshooting - does 
it tax the system?

2) I have seen Yoav say that he never sees a need for connectors - should we 
be using Tomcat Standalone or with IIS in our hosting scenario?  Based on 
the perfmon stats below, I would say we don't have much load for 25 
instances for our server's specs.

3) I would welcome any comments about my attached config files or in general 
from anyone who has any experience in hosting 10-20+ sites per server.  I am 
afraid that the documentation may be for basic tomcat configs, it doesn't go 
into detail of what the of effects of changing values up or down would be in 
the event that you have 20+ sites configured.


What we are running:

   - IBM x330 Dual Processor with 4 GB RAM (w/HyperThreading)
   - Windows 2000 SP4
   - IIS 5.0
   - Tomcat 4.1.27
   - JDK 1.4.2
   - ISAPI_REDIRECT.dll 128K Modified: 3/6/03 11:44


   - Server.xml template

Our Setup:

   - Use AJP 1.3 Connector to connect to IIS
   - Use Coyote Connector simply for troubleshooting so see whether Tomcat 
site is down or the AJP 1.3 connector
   - Multiple instances (windows services) of Tomcat, each using their own 
"server_client.xml" file
   - we modify the following in .xml: ports "zz" + site specific names 
"client" + Context path + docbase
   - all other settings remain the same
   - IIS has a VD for each instance which is shown in
   - Max Heap = 256 - 512 depending on the site's usage

Related Perfmon Stats:

  Over 3 Days 250 MB of collected data (small but consistent with what we 
see over long term)
  This is global info for 25 instances/sites

   - NIC: Average Bytes/sec: 82K
   - Memory: Min Avail MB: 1104
   - Processor: (Running) Avg % Proc Time: 5.8
   - Processor: (Spiking) Avg % Proc Time: 25 - 45%
   - Web Service: (Running) Connection Attempts/sec: 1.34
   - Web Service: (Spiking) Connection Attempts/sec: 10-40
   - Web Service: Current Connections: Average: 88
   - Web Service: Average Bytes/sec: 45K

Thanks you in advance for any help.

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