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From "Charles Humble" <>
Subject windows setup query
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:35:26 GMT
Am sorry to be asking this.  I have a new machine which I'm trying to set
up.  I have a web app which was working fine under tomcat 3.  I've just
moved over to version 5 (and also changed OS to Windows XP unfortunately)
and I now get 404 not found errors for all of my servlets.  I tried setting
up a very basic mapping


but the welcome servlet is still not being found.  I also can't navigate to
it using http://localhost:8080/twofish/servlet/welcome.

What do I need to do for Tomcat to see the twofish\WEB-INF\classes

Also if anyone knows of the top of their head what the class path needs to
look like under Windows so I can compile servlets with javac I'd be
grateful - although I thought the path was correct I can't import import
javax.servlet.http.* currently.

Thanks for your help,


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