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From Frank Duffner <>
Subject Re: Problem with custom error pages for Error 500 - Workaround ?
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:30:49 GMT

>Whatever is defined in your
>deployer(web.xml) is only relevant when you run the web application.  When
>you restart Tomcat, you are effectively shutting down your jsp engine.
that's why I'm not using the contexts web.xml

 > - the web.xml is the one from tomcat not from the context (wouldn't 
make much sense )

>That's why you are getting a 500 when your web server(Apache?) trys to
>connect. Your jsp engine is not serving up anything for the duration of
>You can either come up with a customized page for your web server...
that I already have. but the moment tomcat starts but the webapp isn't 
yet loaded I get the 500 error message from tomcat
and as you said this would be a good way to tell users that the system 
is going to be online soon again, but it seems now the
only way to do so is change the harcoded error page in tomcat :-/


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