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From Christoph Meier <>
Subject Re: writing to File-System; IOException on File.mkdirs() and/or File.createNewFile()
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:15:52 GMT
Hi Mike

I just tried both 766 and 776,
unfortunately it is still not working; throwing same IOException as 
described in forst posting.

now i did a Test.class which mainly tries the same.
the class has the same owner/group and permissions like the catalina-files
when starting the Test-class from its static void main(String[] args) 
from the shell as user tomcat ... (but without using Tomcat)  ...
it works!!!
=> should indicate, that the problem is NOT from the file-system but has 
to do with the Tomcat-Permissions (catalina.policy)  !?!
... although i'm starting Tomcat usually without security-option, yet.
.... what's is the "default" permission for tomcat?

anyway thanks,
kind regards,

>Do you have the same problem if you make the directory 766 or 776 ?
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Christoph Meier [] 
>>Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 5:53 PM
>>Subject: writing to File-System; IOException on File.mkdirs() 
>>and/or File.createNewFile()
>>i have some problems writing Files to the local harddisk.
>>running Tomcat 5.19 on a Linux with a jre1.4.2, Tomcat 
>>started without 
>>process-owner is a user called "tomcat5"
>>i'm trying to write a File (from scratch)  into 
>>$catalinaBase/webapps/myApp/  .
>>$catalinaBase/**  belongs to user tomcat5, Permissions set to 770  .
>>i'm doing something like:
>>        File aFile = new File(aFilePath);
>>        if (!aFile.mkdirs()){
>>          //
>>        }
>>        if (aFile.exists()){
>>            if (!aFile.delete()){
>>             //
>>            }
>>        }
>>        try {
>>            aFile.createNewFile();
>>        } catch (IOException e) {
>>            e.printStackTrace();
>>        }
>>          // adding some xml into the file ...
>>         addContentToFile(aFile);
>>if the parent directory of "aFilePath" already exists, 
>>everything works 
>>fine ...
>>if  one of the parent-dirs is missing, it fails ...
>>e.g. $catalinaBase/webapps/myApp/myTestFile.txt  wil be 
>>created (since 
>>$catalinaBase/webapps/myApp already exists), but
>>$catalinaBase/webapps/myApp/a/b/c/myTestFile.txt  fails  ....
>>when debugging i see that  >>aFile.mkdirs()<< returns false ... but 
>>since it throws no Exception, i has no clear idea why mkdirs() fails,
>>later in the code >>aFile.createNewFile()<< throws an IOException ...
>> >>
>> /home/hmb/catalina_5_19/webapps/hmb/a/1.txt
>>        at Method)
>>        at
>>        at
>>when inspecting the IOException with debugger (using Eclipse 
>>build 30M8) 
>>root-cause of IOException or its localized message only contains the 
>>path of the File which i wanted to create ... (e.g. 
>>the "funny" thing is, all works fine with same Deployment on 
>>win2000 and 
>>solaris (with same permissions set, i guess).
>>has somebody an idea? does the problem concern 
>>rights/permissions and/or 
>>user/groups on the file-system or must i do a special grant in the 
>>cataliny.policy (and starting tomcat with the security option)?
>>thanks in advance,
>>kind regards
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