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From Stephen Bacon <>
Subject Re: Classpath problems with tomcat on Linux 9
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 19:27:10 GMT
Hi Andy,

   I'm porting over to TC5 and I've not had any problems with it finding 
my classes, *BUT* I don't put any classes into the base directory 
itself, but below that.

So for example, my UserBean class is in 
<myapp>/WEB-INF/classes/AccessCtrl and it is part of the package 
"AccessCtrl" (i.e. first line of bean is "package AccessCtrl;")

The pages that use this include the directive:
<%@ page import="AccessCtrl.*" %>
so that it can find them.

Additionally, to avoid problems, I generally include the packagename 
anyways in my useBean tags:
<jsp:useBean id="beanUser"
              scope="session" />
Which shouldn't be necessary, but I find it increases readability anyways.


Andy Wadsworth wrote:

> Should I expect Tomcat to find my UserData.class file if I put it
> in webapps/<myapp>/WEB-INF/classes? Do I need to create a web.xml 
> or should it find the class file without any web.xml customization?
> If anyone has a very simple example that I could drop in to see if
> it works, I'd appreciate it. I've already verified that the jsp-examples
> all work, but there is a lot of stuff in the web.xml that I shouldn't
> need for what I want to do, and finding what I need is probably where
> my problems lie.

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