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From Peter Choe <>
Subject Re: jboss tomcat integration
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:44:20 GMT
it's just that i have a lot of things configured on tomcat and i am not 
too familiar with jboss yet.

my preference is to have things very modular for easier upgrade and 

i guess after some time when i get use to jboss, i'll just so the 
integrated package.

thanks for the help.


Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
> Peter Choe wrote:
>> thanks for the reply.
>> so, once the initialcontext is set up in the environment, i just need 
>> to put everything (jsp, servlets, ejbs) under the webapps directory?
> No, I believe the idea is to let JBoss handle everything except 
> JSP/Servlet. So EJBs will be on JBoss.
>> and i would start jboss without starting the embedded tomcat?  how can 
>> i disable the embedded tomcat that comes with jboss not to start?
> JBoss' Tomcat is just another service in JBoss' current deployment. 
> Locate the dir of your currently deployed server and just (re)move 
> Tomcat's deployment SAR from that dir. If the docs are true, you don't 
> even need to restart JBoss, it will automatically remove the service 
> from the loaded services.
> What's the big enchantment with running your own standalone Tomcat and 
> not the one included (and integrated) with JBoss? Other than being able 
> to run the lates Tomcat available. With JBoss you have it all neatly 
> packet and integrated. And if you're warried about not using the latest 
> and greatest, well, what about bugs in JBoss (IOW, not running the 
> latest and greatest of JBoss)?
> Nix.
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