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From Mike Sowka <>
Subject Context Based Jars Loading
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 20:26:34 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I wrote last night to the list with some frustration as I couldn't load 
up an app put together in Websphere into good'ol Tomcat4.1. Well I think 
I now know what the problem is, but don't know how to resolve it.

It turns out that the IBM packaged jars "require" an older version 
(1.0.1-dev) of org.apache.commons.logging... this package is supplied in 
the form of the commons-logging.jar placed in the WEB-INF/lib. In the 
case of Tomcat, the package also appears in 
common/lib/commons-logging-api.jar... So the big question:

How do I tell Tomcat to not load the jar file out of common/lib for this 
particular Context and use the one out of WEB-INF/lib? (Obviously, I 
don't want to delete it... )

Thank You,

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