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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: jboss tomcat integration
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:33:05 GMT
Peter Choe wrote:

> thanks for the reply.
> so, once the initialcontext is set up in the environment, i just need 
> to put everything (jsp, servlets, ejbs) under the webapps directory?

No, I believe the idea is to let JBoss handle everything except 
JSP/Servlet. So EJBs will be on JBoss.

> and i would start jboss without starting the embedded tomcat?  how can 
> i disable the embedded tomcat that comes with jboss not to start?

JBoss' Tomcat is just another service in JBoss' current deployment. 
Locate the dir of your currently deployed server and just (re)move 
Tomcat's deployment SAR from that dir. If the docs are true, you don't 
even need to restart JBoss, it will automatically remove the service 
from the loaded services.

What's the big enchantment with running your own standalone Tomcat and 
not the one included (and integrated) with JBoss? Other than being able 
to run the lates Tomcat available. With JBoss you have it all neatly 
packet and integrated. And if you're warried about not using the latest 
and greatest, well, what about bugs in JBoss (IOW, not running the 
latest and greatest of JBoss)?


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