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From Alex Moots <>
Subject Migrating from Tomcat404 to Tomcat5019. Problem with Filter
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 05:23:11 GMT
I've been using a custom made servlet filter developed for Tomcat404.  
It has worked perfectly for a long time.

The basic idea of the filter is that it acts as a wrapper around the 
response filter capturing the response output so that the output can be 
sent to a second destination (ie an email message body or something 
similar).  We call this a "Double Output Stream" filter.  The code for 
this filter is quite simple and I've attached a simplified version of it 
below.  The whole thing is less than 70 lines of code.

The problem is that this filter doesn't work properly in Tomcat5019.  I 
don't get an exception during processing.  The problem is that the 
respByte [] (which should contain the array of bytes sent to the 
browser) is not populated, or is only partially populated.  And when 
this filter is invoked only a partial page is sent to the browser.  For 
example, if my page is 10KB long only 3KB will be sent to the browser, 
and similarly only 3KB will be present in the respByte array.  It seems 
like what is happening is that Tomcat5019 is short-circuiting the 
execution of the page for some reason.  I don't know why.  The code 
worked fine in tomcat404 and I didn't change anything during the upgrade 
to tomcat5019.

Can anyone give an idea of what is going wrong here?  I did some 
searching to see if the servlet filter API changed between tomcat404 and 
5019, but I didn't find anything to suggest that things have changed 

Thanks for your help.


public class SaveAsHTMLFilter implements Filter {
    public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse 
response, FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {
        //Re the real response in a DoubleResponseWrapper which encloses the
        //real OutputStream, plus a ByteArrayOutputStream, into a 
        DoubleResponseWrapper respWrap = new 
DoubleResponseWrapper((HttpServletResponse) response);

        //Process the request to generate the output into the respWrap's 
        chain.doFilter(request, respWrap);

        //retrieve the ByteArray
        byte respByte[] = respWrap.getRespByte();
        // [SNIP]
        // Send the respByte array (which is the response that was sent 
to the browser) to an email message or something similar
        // [SNIP]

public class DoubleResponseWrapper extends HttpServletResponseWrapper {
 DoubleOutputStream dblOS;
 PrintWriter pw;
  public DoubleResponseWrapper(HttpServletResponse resp) throws 
IOException {
    ServletOutputStream     servOutp  = resp.getOutputStream();
    ByteArrayOutputStream   byteArray = new ByteArrayOutputStream(32000);
    dblOS = new DoubleOutputStream(servOutp, byteArray);
    pw = new PrintWriter(dblOS);
  public ServletOutputStream getOutputStream () throws IOException {
    return dblOS;
  public PrintWriter getWriter() throws IOException {
    return pw;
  public byte getRespByte()[] {
    return dblOS.getRespByte();

public class DoubleOutputStream extends ServletOutputStream {

  private ServletOutputStream ServOutp;
  private ByteArrayOutputStream ByteOutp;

  public DoubleOutputStream(ServletOutputStream sos, 
ByteArrayOutputStream bos) {
    ServOutp = sos;
    ByteOutp = bos;

  public void write(int b) throws IOException {
    try {
      } catch (Exception e) {
  public byte [] getRespByte() {
    return ByteOutp.toByteArray();

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