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From Jim Hopp <>
Subject Re: Importing an existing ssl *KEY* into my keystore
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:30:53 GMT
Check out


Carl Howells wrote:

> Since my company use using SSL for several different functions on our 
> target machine, we used openSSL to generate the key and certificate 
> signing request that we got our signed certificate made from.
> Only after that did I discover that keytool is braindamaged, and it 
> won't import a key into a keystore.  It will only create a new key and 
> import certificates.
> So how do I make this work?  I've searched and searched, and found many 
> people with the same problem, and no one's ever answered it.
> I have no great attachment to the JKS store format, and would use 
> PKCS12, if I could find directions for building the PKCS12 file with the 
> entire certificate chain in it.  But a great deal of searching led me to 
> nothing there, as well.
> Can anyone point me to instructions for getting either store format to 
> work with an existing key?
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