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From Carl Howells <>
Subject Importing an existing ssl *KEY* into my keystore
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:20:03 GMT
Since my company use using SSL for several different functions on our 
target machine, we used openSSL to generate the key and certificate 
signing request that we got our signed certificate made from.

Only after that did I discover that keytool is braindamaged, and it 
won't import a key into a keystore.  It will only create a new key and 
import certificates.

So how do I make this work?  I've searched and searched, and found many 
people with the same problem, and no one's ever answered it.

I have no great attachment to the JKS store format, and would use 
PKCS12, if I could find directions for building the PKCS12 file with the 
entire certificate chain in it.  But a great deal of searching led me to 
nothing there, as well.

Can anyone point me to instructions for getting either store format to 
work with an existing key?

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