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From "Charles N. Harvey III" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat configuration tuning
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 19:38:15 GMT
I do just what you described below.  If the loginContext isn't in the 
I show do a global-forward to the login form.  And, because I didn't want to
have to put a session check into every Struts action I used AspectJ to weave
in a pointcut into every action.  Works great.  I was considering going with
a filter servlet instead but if you say its slow then maybe I did the right


Allistair Crossley wrote:

>Slightly off-forum but related to my performance tuning of my tomcat webapp, I am using
the JCIFS NTLM authentication servlet as a filter. The filter is mapped to all requests /*.
I just thought to myself on the train home whether because NTLM is a 3-way handshake, that
this may be causing some kind of performance hit.
>The filter authenticates the desktop user and then populates the request.getRemoteUser.
I suppose I "could" do this once with a login servlet and then populate a session user object
and if that ever expires redirect back to the login servlet.
>Does anyone have an opinion on whether it would be worth my time removing the filter per
request in favour of a once-only login action.
>I appreciate this is off-tomcat, so no hard feelings if noone replies ;)
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