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From <>
Subject tomcat as j2ee container
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 13:45:24 GMT

I'm looking for some architectural guidance.

I'm developing a multitier application centred around tomcat.

At the lowest level I have mulitple webapps. For the middle tier, I've
written a LifecycleListener that invokes my business objects. These will
then be available to all the webapps. Finally there is the database and
external systems which the business objects will access via DAO's.

This approach allows me to specify my business objects as POJO's, so I
can avoid the hasle of EJB specs, and architecture tie in. I'm planning 
to use a lightweight container framework such as Spring to try and 
further modularise the components, and avoid too tight coupling.

Do people have ideas on whether this is a scalable and sustainable 
architecture? Are there extra steps I need to consider to enable 
clustering etc at a future date? Should I just follow the Sun blueprints 
and implement my business objects as EJB's?

Any opinions?


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