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From Hollerman Geralyn M <>
Subject Apache security certificate vs. Tomcat security certificate
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 21:00:42 GMT
I currently have Tomcat 5.0.16 running using the SSL connector and a self-signed 
certificate - I followed the directions in the Tomcat SSL HOW-TO in how to 
create the certificate and set up Tomcat for SSL. This is running with no 
problems in my development environment.

I have been asked to put SSL on our production Tomcat. It is also v 5.0.16. My 
sysadmin gave me two files he uses for Apache, running with SSL, on another 
system; he said he thought I would need them. They are called server.crt and 
server.key - he said he was giving me the certificate and the key for it. How do 
I intergrate this with Tomcat? How does this correspond to what I've got for 
Tomcat - I presume that the .crt file is like the .cer file I exported from 
cacerts.jks (my keystore), but what does the .key file correspond to? How does 
that fit in?

Lynn Hollerman.

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