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From Dennis Thrys√łe <>
Subject Re: JSP Include and URL encoding
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 10:44:39 GMT
Hiroshi Iwatani wrote:
> (1)Set page directive attributes right
>    (Maybe, pageEncoding = your platform encoding and charset = UTF-8)

They are correct. The generated servlet already contains the wrong value 

> (2)Use a Servlet/JSP container other than Tomcat. For example, Resin
> from

I guess that could be an option, but this Tomcat instance is running at 
our service provider, so they would have to think so too.

The problem has now been fixed by setting the language and country 
properties to 'da' and 'DK' respectively. This was apparently necesarry 
for the JSP parser to read the file correctly.

> <quote>
> Scott Ferguson wrote:
>  > Actually, the underlying problem is a difficult one. Unfortunately, URLs
>  > don't have an official character encoding. It looks like we're drifting
>  > toward UTF-8 as a default, but that's not specified in the HTTP
>  > specifications.
>  >
>  > Because the HTTP request does not specify the URL encoding, the web
>  > server needs to guess. It's somewhat of an ugly problem.

For JSP includes this doesn't seem to be the problem. It is because of 
characters being replaced with '?' when reading the JSP.

Thanks anyway,


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