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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: article on Tomcat
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 23:53:05 GMT

--- Daniel Gibby <> wrote:

> I'm just saying I'd like more examples that are
> known to be good, with 
> the knowledge of what they were known to be good
> for.
> My / other people's problems are that we have
> lockups and don't have 
> anyone to solve them for us. If I could just look at
> a known good 
> configuration that is closer to what I need than
> what I've seen in the 
> past, I could better determine what the problem is.

it can help, but from my own biased experience, a
profiler provide the quickest resolution. 

> Finally someone brought this up... The images hosted
> somewhere else is a 
> really good solution that I've even done in the
> past, and forgot about.
> Thanks for reminding us.
> So that means the only other hurdles to using tomcat
> without apache are 
> getting certificates installed, which has daunted
> many, and possibly 
> that someone may use apache for other things like
> mod_rewrite, etc.
> Daniel

sites that handle loads of SSL/HTTPS traffic usually
use hardware accelerators. of loading all the https
traffic to one box works for small sites, but for
anything with decent amount of concurrent https
requests, the more reliable technique is hardware

a 2ghz CPU will max out with 20-30 concurrent https
requests. that means all other processes like db calls
will be starving for CPU time.  one of these days I'll
have to rerun the https benchmarks remmy and I ran
last year and write a new article.


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