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From "Jim Kennedy" <>
Subject How does tomcat redirect from login
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 17:38:32 GMT
I am using form based login, which is working fine for me.  I would like to
display different login content (on my login form) based on the desired
intent of the user.  So , if the user wants to go to a certain section of my
site that is secure, I would like to capture the redirect page (the url of
the secure page) before the user logs in.  Knowing that URL will allow me to
display specific content for that section.  I have searched the session and
the request scopes for something that looks like a redirect page.  Can't
find anything.  Not even a cookie.  

So, how does tomcat store the intended (redirect) page during the login
process for "form based login".  Where is it stored?  How can I get it?

Hope I don't need to hack the source for j_security_check.


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