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From David Langschied <>
Subject Managing Tomcat Connections - Newbie
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 14:02:22 GMT
Hi all!
I am using Tomcat (4.1.24) through my app vendor.  I
want to be able to manage my connections from the
command line.  I have found some info on "ant" and
being able to do things like start/stop/reload/etc.  I
have not seen how this can be applied to managing

Here is my problem in a nut shell:

When Tomcat starts, I get a minimum number of
connections, let's say this is 2 and a maximum of 20. 
What is happening is that Tomcat is opening new
sessions each and every time that a new session is
requested.  This number eventually reaches 20.  

At that point, I may have only two busy sessions and
the remaining 18 are idle.  These idle sessions are
considered as resources connected to my database.  I
have top keep the number of resources down as low as
possible.  These idle sessions need to be trimmed if
they have been in an idle state for too long.  

Is there any way of doing this with Tomcat from the
command line?


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