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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Site slow and stops responding after certain number of threads
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 04:37:30 GMT

windows by default allocates 1mb of memory per thread.
107 threads shouldn't cause any problems, unless your
system only has 128mb of ram. From first hand
experience, once the allocated memory reach half the
physical ram, windows starts to disk cache. Once that
happens, GC performance gets worse. In fact in .NET
1.0, disk caching causes heap fragmentation and memory
leaks. If disk cache is kicking in, the performance
issues may be the result of heap fragmentation, which
kills GC performance.

peter lin

--- sp k <> wrote:
> We have a Tomcat site which becomes terribly slow
> and then stops responding 
> after the thread count in windows task manager
> reaches 107 threads. We are 
> using Tomcat 4.1.27 on windows 2000 machine.  Our
> load tests could never 
> emulate this behavior that occurs under real load.
> When the site crashes the 
> memory consumption of the site is less than the
> initial max heap size set 
> for it.
> Did any one ever face similar issues, we are baffled
> as to why 107 threads? 
> Is related to the connector threads or JVM's garbage
> collection?
> Does anyone have any idea why the site would crash
> at the same thread level?
> Thanks,
> Prasad
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