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From Adam Buglass <>
Subject Mysterious Null Pointer Exception in Login script
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:41:09 GMT
Hi, I hope this is the right list for this, it's been driving me up the

First things first, I'm using tomcat servlet container 4.1 with Suns
J2SE 1.4.1

The problem is I have a simple login procedure whereby a user enters
their id and password into a JSP which passes the information to a Java
Method. This method in turn checks the Database to see if the user is
valid. If the user is valid a new session is created and the information
stored in a bean.

So far so good, I've used this method on several occassions with no

However when I attempt to login (with any set of data) I get a
NullPointerException at line 30 of the class file. Always the same
exception and always at line 30 no matter what I do. I can't find any
useful info from the logs or the exception that's thrown.

Has anyone any thoughts on what may be causing this or pointers on how
to solve it?

The offending page is at

Adam Buglass

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