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From "Stephen Charles Huey" <>
Subject quick question when getting started
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 16:23:03 GMT
I'm upgrading from Tomcat 4 to 5 and I just installed Tomcat 5 on a dev
machine to play with it, and I know a couple things are organized a bit
differently, but the provided index page is weirding me out.  

I tried to add a line of text to the index.jsp in webapps\ROOT and when I
reload the page (that I browse to by going to localhost on my Win 2K
Server machine), that line of text isn't appearing.  I've tried adding
other bits, too, and I've tried restarting Tomcat, and I found a
catalina-root.jar in the WEB-INF\lib folder and deleted that in an effort
to get it to recompile the index.jsp, but nothing seems to be working! 

Here's an example of what I've modified in the HTML:

<p><center><b>If you're seeing this page via a web browser, it means
Stephen has setup Tomcat successfully.

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