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From Nicholas Bernstein <>
Subject IBM Java VS SUN Java
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:49:39 GMT
Recently, we've been doing some load testing of apache (1.3.x) w/ tomcat
4.1.29 & 5.0.19 and were surprised at how slow it was responding on our
redhat linux testbed system. We did some comparisons to a Win2k tomcat
server, and the Win2k server *BLEW* it out of the water in terms of
speed and load limits. After some mucking around, we narrowed down the
difference to the java implementation. We switched over from sun's java
jdk1.4.2_04 to IBMJava2-141 and saw some speed improvements and huge
differences in load limits, i.e. it could scale much higher. 

I was wondering if anyone had experienced any problems due to switching
to IBM's java, and if so what they were. Also, if anyone has any hints,
links, or general advice on how to speed things up, be it tomcat tuning,
or java, it would be very appreciated. The windows box, while not able
to scale as well, does generally respond in 1/4 the time of the linux

Thanks in Advance, any advice is appreciated.

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| UNIX Systems Administrator    |       |
| Document Systems Inc.         |  				|
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