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From JoAnn Lemm <>
Subject JK connector -- isapi2 -- file upload
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 23:22:42 GMT
Hi All,

I've search the archives and I've seen several posts indicating that there
is a bug in the isapi connector in regards to large file uploads (or not
that large, since the error seems to occur at or around 50Kb.) The problem
being that "the stream ended unexpectedly. 

The strange thing is, I don't see this problem when I upload a large file
(3M) within our intranet (I'm using IIS6, Tomcat 5 & jk2.0.4), only when I
try to access from the internet.

This leads me to believe there is some sort of timing problem (the connector
trying to grab data that hasn't yet arrived?)  Interestingly, I solved the
problem by turning debug on - forcing the isapi connector to log debug
messages and making is slow down a bit. That 3M file uploaded with no

So, here's the question ... is there a properties file, ini file ...
anything ... where I can set the size of the buffer in the connector? It
looks like it's grabbing about 8Kb each time.


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