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From "Matt Woodings" <>
Subject Re: HELP!! -Profiling memory leaks with Tomcat ??
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 13:59:54 GMT

I found JProfiler to be an excellent choice.  I have had to just fix a
similar problem and found that singletons keeping references to my session
objects were the problem, so that when the session was killed the GC didn't
collect my objects as the singleton still had a reference to them.

Anyway, JProfiler and a good Stressing tool should help you find it,


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From: "Yoav" <>
To: "'Tomcat Users List'" <>
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2004 10:00 AM
Subject: HELP!! -Profiling memory leaks with Tomcat ??

Hiya All,

Yes, I've searched the list archives, couldn't find a solution for this one:

We have a production system:
Solaris 8 running JDK 1.4.2_02 w/ Apache Tomcat/4.1.29-LE-jdk14 +
It is running on a remote server hosted on the backbone, serving hundreds of
JSP and servlet files.
As hits arrive the tomcat process VM size keeps growing gradually. (Although
sometimes the java process VM goes down by few MB)
It seems some code among the hundreds of JSP files is leaking...
It also seems to be something some of the clients do, so I can't run the
webapp locally and try and simulate millions of hits on various forms :(

We tried running with -Xrunhprof and tried to analyze the dump with hp
Jmeter - but It couldn't give us a clue  :S

Either we're missing the point here on the Jmeter or we're lacking the right
analysis tool. Most solutions offered on the net require that you run the
webapp *inside* the profiler :(

What's the best memory profiling tool for this situation?
Money is no consideration, any advise appreciated..



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