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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Exporting turbine app to a working tomcat
Date Sat, 13 Mar 2004 21:12:00 GMT

> i developped an app using TDK 2.1 (an official bundle i downloaded from 
> apache site) on a windows 2k box, and it was working just fine.
> Now i would like to deploy the app on a unix machine using tomcat 4.0 
> with apache, by copying the folder under the webapps folder to the same 
> folder on the unix machine. There is nothing concerning turbine on the 
> box, just the tomcat and apache.

Without commenting too much on Turbine/TDK (I've had a ... poor 
experience with them), I can say that removing the 'TDK' part from your 
application is a challenge, but doable. I was able to do it by basically 
starting with nothing in my WEB-INF/lib except for turbine-x.y.z.jar, 
and adding JAR files until it started working again. (Lots of the TDK 
stuff is unnecessary for 'normal' deployment).

Anyhow, moving this from a working win32 machine to a Linux environment 
shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'd recommend divorcing the TDK 
(even if you keep Turbine, which is a good idea with a working app ;) 
but it's not cricual. You'll have to edit the configuration files that 
point to the TDK installation directory (there are properties like 
'tdk.home.dir' and stuff like that -- just make sure they point to the 
right place).

> I would like to know what modifications i have to do in order to make 
> the application work on that unix box (especially concerning tomcat 
> configuration,the librairies i may have to copy to the unix box, and the 
> changes required in the apache httpd.conf file).

Well, make sure you copy all the JAR files in binary more (if you're 
using FTP, for example), otherwise FTP will corrupt many your binary 
files -- the JARs being the most obvious.

You'll need pretty much everything you had on the win32 box -- including 
the TDK, unless you want to spend the time to break free of it and just 
use Turbine in a more 'standalone' fashion. So, install the TDK on the 
Linux box, copy your app-specific files to the Linux machine in roughly 
the same place they were before, and then adjust your paths in the 
properties files.

Other than that, all you need if Tomcat and a JDK (which you mentioned 
were already installed).

> I would also like to know what is required to do for the app to work 
> with apache.

That's a whole other ball of wax. Check out the Tomcat 4.1 
documentation, specifically at the "Connector HOWTO". Use the "JK" 
connector. You'll have the best luck compiling it yourself against your 
local Apache version, so don't ask for binaries for the connector. That 
means you'll need a c compiler on the Linux box. That's not tough -- 
Linux often has gcc already installed, which works just fine with the JK 

Good luck,

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