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From "Mark J. Miller" <>
Subject unknown jar file in Tomcat
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:05:28 GMT
I currently have Tomcat 4.1 running on a Win2k box. I'm installing an 
additional webapp to my existing Tomcat.

When I downloaded the webapp and it's files it expanded to include a 
version of Tomcat. Well, I thought that's not a problem, I'll just 
move the appropriate files to my current Tomcat webapps folder and 
modify it's install.bat file to point to the correct folders. But, in 
the jakarta/server/lib folder are two additional files called 
tools.1.3.1.jar and tools.1.4.1.jar. The install.bat file for this 
webapp creates a global variable pointing to the tools.1.4.1.jar file.

The Tomacat 4.1 server/lib folder doesn't contain either of these jar 
files. Are the tools jar files part of a newer or older version of 
Tomcat? A search of the Tomcat user archive doesn't find either file. 
A search of the knowledge base for the software doesn't come up with 
anything either.

I'm hesitant to just ignore the files, but I don't know if copying 
them to my Tomcat 4.1 lib folder will screw up my current 

A search on google turned up a download from the 
java repository of avalon-meta- tools -1.3 .1.jar. A search on google 
for tools.1.4.1.jar turned up a reference to jdk-tools-1.4.1.jar on But that neither helped me figure out what I should 

Mark :-)
Mark J. Miller, Sr. Instructional Systems Analyst   
Saginaw Valley State University USA
7400 Bay Rd, University Center, Mi 48710 
Wickes 265, 989-964-7102  ,
- The man who fights for his ideals is the man who is
- alive! - Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote

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