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Subject RE: Redeployment of War over and over Supported?
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 18:43:25 GMT

>My personal experience has shown both. Shops that plan for enterprise
>wide services tend to get large servers and host multiple webapps on
>one container on such machines. This lends itself well to centralized
>administration, etc.
>Shops that add webapps incrementally or at the departmental levels tend
>to get a machine, install a container and install the webapp on that
>container. This then becomes a dedicated server for that application.
>Really big enterprises will run one virtual server with multiple actual
>servers each with an instance of a container in a web farm/load
>balancing type setup. This usually sees multiple webapps per container
>too and the multiple machines are just part of the redundancy mechanics
>for the enterprise applications.

Thanks for the feedback.  :)   Do you know if the larger shops tend to use
a mixture of servlet containers or do they stick with one, like Tomcat or
JBoss or something?



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