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From "Bill Haake" <>
Subject RE: Error 500 from ISAPI_REDIRECTOR2.DLL
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:26:43 GMT

How about your file? You have a matching shm in there? I also
recall seeing something funny recently about a size of 1000000 not working,
but 1048576 does.


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From: Allistair Crossley []
Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 11:08 AM
To: TOMCAT USER (E-mail)
Subject: Error 500 from ISAPI_REDIRECTOR2.DLL

Hi Guys

I had my IIS 5 to TC 5.0.16 all working with JK2 ISAPI and then I decided to
move that installation to 5.0.18 today and it's all gone pear shaped and no
idea why

OK specifics...

The Error in the IIS Access Logs

2004-02-12 15:58:47 - 80 GET
/jakarta/isapi_redirector2.dll - 500

This is a good start ... I can see an error 500. IIS is running quite
happily and tested. Move on to ISAPI setup in IIS


The ISAPI dll is setup and called Tomcat to point to the
isapi_redirector2.dll in my Tomcat 5.0.18/win32/bin folder. There is a green
up arrow indicating it is ok.

Also have setup a virtual dir to the same directory which allows execute of
scripts and ISAPI filters. Fine.

So nothing appears wrong at my IIS side of things. Move to Tomcat.

====== in D:\Tomcat 5.0.18\conf specifies the following;

info=Shared memory file. Required for multiprocess servers
file="D:\Tomcat 5.0.18\work\jk2.shm"

info=Ajp13 worker, connects to tomcat instance using AJP 1.3 protocol



All OK .. same as before except for the

file="D:\Tomcat 5.0.18\work\jk2.shm" line which used to be

file="D:\Tomcat 5.0.16\work\jk2.shm"

I make sure in server.xml that an AJP port is open on 8009 and restart

I note that 8009 is opened on init. I also note however that the SHM file as
specified in the workers2.props does not exist under Tomcat 5.0.18\work
whereas in my other working version it was. Not sure if that is a red

So, now I make sure my registry is ok


SOFTWARE > Apache Software Foundation > Jakarta Isapi Redirector > 2.0

extensionUri = /jakarta/isapi_redirector2.dll
logLevel = debug
serverRoot = D:\Tomcat 5.0.18
workersFile = serverRoot = D:\Tomcat 5.0.18\conf\


Everything looks good to me. Bring Tomcat down and then IIS. Start Tomcat,
test that it is ok by going direct to HTTP port 8080. Then start IIS.

And back to Error 500. The browser hangs indefinately but the IIS log shows
the error I posted at the top.

Run out of ideas on this!? Anyone?

I restart IIS with Tomcat up for good measure.

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