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From "Brent Parker" <>
Subject Apache 2, Tomcat 4.1, RH 9 - servlet/jsp requests return only on second hit
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 14:18:07 GMT
My Config: Redhat 9, Apache 2.0.47, mod_jk 1.2.6, Tomcat 4.1.29 

It takes a second request (to port 80) to get a jsp or servlet output to
display in the browser: I type in the url (jsp or servlet) and hit Enter,
the browser (Mozilla and IE) spins indefinitely. I then highlight the
address line and hit Enter a second time, and the page will immediately
load. Restated: All servlets/jsp requests do load - but only on the second
hit (request). However, any static html page (served through apache) loads
immediately on the first hit. 

The println's I put in the jsp/servlet reveal that they are getting hit on
the first request, and they print out repeatedly (thus the browser spin)
until I make the second request.

To isolate tomcat: If I configure the server.xml, and hit the jsp/servlet
through port 8080, it serves immediately. Maybe this isn't a tomcat problem,
but since it does involve tomcat, I figured this forum would have the best
shot at an answer. 

The apache (access_log, error_log), mod_jk, and catalina logs do not show
any errors. The catalina_log.*.txt shows sporadic "IOException Broken pipe"

Any suggestions / advice would be appreciated. I suspect I have configured
something wrong - I would be glad to forward/post my config files if it
would help. I have been writing java apps for a couple of years - some
deployed to tomcat standalone, but this is my first adventure into tomcat
connected to apache. 


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