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From Sean Campbell <>
Subject JMX questions
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2004 19:04:16 GMT

I'm trying to implement a custom MBean to be accessable through the 
/manager/jmxproxy application.  I've read the mbeans-descriptor-howto 
document, and have put together what I believe is a correct descriptor, 
and don't get any errors when tomcat (version 5 is what we're using) 
starts up.  Problem is, I don't see my MBean through the proxy 


Does jmxproxy support custom MBeans?  If so, does it support only Model 
MBeans?  I ask this because my MBean is a simple one, not dynamic or 
model.  Is there any way to test that my MBean is loaded and 
accessable, short of putting together a seperate JMX agent or client to 
access it?  If I wanted to use an external client to manage all of 
tomcat's MBeans, inclusing my custom one, how would i go about that?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Sean Campbell

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