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From "Mark Tebong" <>
Subject tomcat and apache
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 14:50:27 GMT
I have a little problem with my web site. It has to do with the session disconnecting on my
proxy server.
Basically, I have an apache 2.0 server that acts as a web proxy. Its IP is
I also have another server which is internal, and running tomcat with IP On
the proxy server, I have it configured so that when a request for a URL (say
comes in, the proxy sends it to maintains a session. When I access the pages of the site that use the session
thru, I get an exception. When I access it through, it
works fine. I am accessing it from IP But from outsite, the only way to access
it is through the domain name, and it gives the same error. 
Similarly, The web site has large graphics, and what happens is that half the graphics is
displayed when you try to access through the proxy, but when you access it directly, everything
is fine. 
This happens the same way from different computers.
I looked at the tomcat logs and I saw that the session was disconnecting when you used the
I have looked everywhere on the web, and I can't find any solutions. 


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