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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat Loads Deleted Context?
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 14:27:54 GMT


>Thanks. BTW, why can't server.xml be reloaded?  Here's part of your

Because many of the components defined/declared in server.xml don't have
restart support.  There'd be significant code changes to support this.
And the downtime would be equivalent to a normal server restart, so
there's no advantage to reloading server.xml.  

>note that "directory" is should be "directly". It might also be clearer
>about *where* context elts should be placed.

Corrected/enhanced, thanks.

>Again, I think this is a bad way to configure software. "Everything in
>one place" is the quite reasonable mantra espoused in _The Practical

I agree: that one place for your web application is your WAR.  It should
be completely self-contained.  I dislike putting anything in server.xml
for my webapp.  It's not server.xml for all your webapp.  But obviously
we disagree on that, and this is fine because tomcat is flexible enough
to support either way.

>Perhaps there is some technical limitation to reloading server.xml. but
>I can't see it. Remy has said it's a "hack" but of course that doesn't
>really say anything. You are just trading one hierarchical data
>structure for another (directories for nested XML elts).

No, you're doing a lot more.

>(I am looking into this but I can't get tomcat built, and no-one on the
>dev list has replied to my build questions yet. When I have more time
>tonight I'll try again.)

Building tomcat 5 is trivial.  Just checkout the source and run the ant
file (default target).  It will download all dependencies and build
everything for you.  I do it routinely from a scratch, completely clean
environment, without any problems (it takes about 3-4 minutes on my
box).  If you have problems post them here (in another thread).

Yoav Shapira

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