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From Sergio <>
Subject Re[2]: Help! Config of multiple hosts and JVM garbage.
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 02:13:54 GMT
Hello, Antonio.
1) You are absolutely right about mounting, but also I figure it out
with jk2 connector (I find it in docs - it seems I was a little tired to find it
before:)). I've tryed to done it with mod_jk, but the problem was that
I want to give access to their sites with FTP and limit this space up
to "public_html" for each user and do not give them permissions to
access to "webapps" for example.
2) Thanks it helps!
3) Yeap;) you right its "garbage collection". Thanks for suggestions.
I have just 512 RAM (its HP ML330) - I know its not enough but we are
poor people:)

Thank you for help!!!

AFB> Sergio wrote:

>>Hi All! Guys, I need help!
>>My system is Windows 2003 Enterprise Server with Apache 2.0.48
>>I need Windows for 3rd part application, but because I hate IIS so I am
>>using Apache2(the best!!!).
>>1)Does somebody can help me with configuration of Tomcat 5.0.18
>>for multiple hosts? I need to deploy
>>servlets separately for each user. Access will be configured in
>>httpd.conf of Apache2.0.48 Some people uses multiples instances of Tomcat for each
>>Somebody uses one instance of Jboss with various deployed folders (its actually my
>>now). But I need to do that trick with Tomcat. The biggest problem for
>>me now - its to configure server.xml for two or more hosts. I cant
>>find it in documentation. If you can help with with any tips and/or your examples
>>httpd.conf, workers.prop..s etc. (all related parts of configuration
>>of the servers) - please help.

AFB> I have never set up VirtualHosts in Tomcat. But if you do not need to
AFB> have a "root" app, you do not need to (or at list I did not need to).
AFB> Just "mount" the apps you need in the Apache VirtualHosts you need, and
AFB> you are done.

>>2) How I can configure memory management for Tomcat (limits for memory using for each
>>process/application)? Is it possible somehow?

AFB> Not possible when using a single JVM.
AFB> If you use multiple instances of Tomcat, you can set -Xmx256m (or
AFB> whatever amount you need) in JAVA_OPTS environment variable. That will
AFB> effectively limit the amount of memory used by your heap.

>>3) I have a problem with garbage of JVM caching. Any suggestions how I
>>can organize "autocleaning"? How can I minimize the usage of the disk
>>in this case?
AFB> What do you mean by disk usage? How is that related do "autocleaning",
AFB> which I understand as "garbage collection"?

AFB> Do you mean swapping? If so, ensure that your JVM is at most as big as
AFB> your free _real_ memory. Otherwise, your OS qill start swapping unused
AFB> bits. Then, the GC will reclaim them for collection. So, you are 
AFB> accessing the disk at least twice for something you could have avoided.
AFB> (Side note: Get more RAM ;-)

AFB> In any case, profiling your applications is a good way to go: you willl
AFB> determine whether your app grows in memory usage with time, or if it
AFB> remains constant. (Consider the former a bug.) If memory usage remains
AFB> constant, you can stress your app, and determine how much memory it
AFB> needs for "full load", and then you may allow it (JAVA_OPTS) no more
AFB> than that, knowing it will work.

AFB> Yours,

AFB> Antonio Fiol

Sincerely yours,

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