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From Josh G <>
Subject Simple security - or "Why is HttpJspBase.service final?"
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 01:23:01 GMT
Is there any reason that HttpJspBase.service() is final, apart from to make 
my life hard?

I'm trying to implement a _simple_ security system that intercepts requests 
before they get to _jspService() so that if certain conditions aren't met, 
a redirect occours instead. I don't want to use filters or anything like 
that if I can avoid it because I want it to be simple to use and I want the 
restrictions to be set in the page itself with the @page info= directive

Another thing that comes to mind, is that I assume that since service() 
simply calls _jspService(), can a browser not perform a HEAD request to a 
jsp page?

I don't particularly want to use a customised version of tomcat, even if 
the only difference is removing one "final"... is there another way to get 
around this limitation?


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