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From Justin Ruthenbeck <>
Subject Re: Best practice question: where to place project libraries
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 19:20:47 GMT
At 07:40 PM 2/10/2004, you wrote:
>Justin Ruthenbeck wrote:
>>I haven't used the META-INF/context.xml convention, so I'm not too 
>>familiar with it.  Conceptually, it's questionable whether a webapp 
>>should be able to modify container configuration ... even if it's just 
>>configuration for that one app.  Practically it may be useful, but it's 
>>a bluring of the lines of responsibility between the development and 
>>deployment -- two things which really should be separate.
>The question has been answered ("yes, a webapp can alter the 
>container"), and yes, the container should be modifiable by the 
>developer, but only under certain circumstances. I would not allow even 
>the META-INF/context.xml convention on a production server, for example. 
>However it's quite handy during development, and extending the 
>convention would be handier still.
>I am not aware of a way to prevent Tomcat from respecting the 
>META-INF/context.xml convention, but if there was a way I'd expect it to 
>be mentioned here:

Although I haven't personally ever needed functionality like this, 
there's no argument it'd be useful in some situations.  Wanna implement 
it for everyone?  ;)  Like John Holman mentioned, however, there will be 
(practically insurmountable?) problems making the Tomcat container 
classloader update with new libraries included in the app's WAR.  That'll 
get really messy really quick.


Justin Ruthenbeck
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