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From "Allistair Crossley" <>
Subject RE: syntax
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 09:01:02 GMT
I'd like to know how you use to load balance if possible. My original post
is below...

The following is my file.

info=Shared memory file. Required for multiprocess servers
file=D:\Tomcat 5.0\work\jk2.shm

info=Ajp13 worker, connects to tomcat instance using AJP 1.3 protocol



1) Where on earth is the JK2 syntax and options that one puts in this
... the JK2 docs on the jakarta site are a) under Tomcat 4.1 and b) use a different dot-notated
syntax to this above

2) Am I right in thinking that I can add additional tomcat instances to this file, e.g.


And give each a load balance factor?? If so, where can I get hold of the syntax for this?

3) If (2) then is this a fair enough way to handle load balancing? Can I create different
mappings for each? E.g

info=Search Function

4) If I am to setup a set of Tomcat instances for load balancing, then can I configure them
ALL to be Windows Services ... I tried this before where I had 5.0.16 as a Windows Service,
then installed 5.0.18 as a service and despite changing the values it overwrote all my 5.0.16
service settings. I would like to have multiple Tomcat instances as Windows Services so they
come up after a reboot. I don't want to really have to call all their startup.bat scripts.

Thanks! ADC

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