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From "nate" <>
Subject RE: verbose gc
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 02:40:16 GMT
Dhruva B. Reddy said:

> As I said in my post, we would get the OutOfMemoryError about every 24
> hours.  I tried setting MaxPermSize to 256MB (haven't been able to
> determine the default value for Sun's JVM, but it's 64MB for HP's JVM).
>  This sets the size of the permanent generation, into which
> longer-lived objects and class definitions are loaded (we have over
> 3500 classes over multiple web apps).

I believe the default maxperm size for sun jvm is 64MB. I ran into the
same problem, when spawning additional threads, and too increased
the maxperm to 256MB. that allows me to spawn up to 3,000 threads.
I prefer to spawn all the threads at startup rather then have
tomcat spawn threads as it needs them.

my heap is set to 800MB for tomcat. the systems have between
2GB and 3GB of ram each.

been running for ages without any problems. never had an out
of memory message from tomcat(with the exceptions of when
I was testing in a test enviornment with thread settings)

running tomcat 4.0.6. Tried going to 4.1.27 but behavior
was significantly worse than with 4.0.6 for the stuff I am
using it with. running sun java 1.3_9 or something.

have never run out of heap either. still looking for
further tips/docs on how to optimize thread usage


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