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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Tomcat session/load capacity?
Date Sun, 29 Feb 2004 15:49:56 GMT
Nope. You can an OOM exception. Because there is no way to detect in a JVM 
when you'll run out of memory.

Like any web-application, the server strength depends as much on how the 
application is architected and written as well as the load it will take. 
Everything after that is trade offs. For example - if the web app is very 
user specific - on login, you could load all the information about the user 
into memory and never  query the database again for that user - but the 
tradeoff is your webapp is not scalable with respect to memory. But instead 
you could use the database for every tracnsaction - but then you need to make 
sure your DB design is good/effecient and your db server can handle the load 
since that might be the bottleneck and not your webapp.


Riaan Oberholzer wrote:
> Will Tomcat automatically detect if there is no more
> memeory for sessions, or do I have to configure it
> somehow?
> I'm planning on using a Tomcat hosting service, so I
> have no control on the system setup or usage... they
> claim the servers never run at more than 20% capacity,
> which does sound to make it safe.
> Its really tough to determine if they will meet my
> requirements.... its actually more difficult to
> predict what my requirements will be!
> --- Tim Funk <> wrote:
>>it depends on the amount of memory you have and how
>>much memory is in each 
>>yes - but I have no idea what standard is and where
>>the database lives and 
>>how complex the pages are
>>Riaan Oberholzer wrote:
>>>How many simulataneous sessions can Tomcat handle
>>>is it configurable?
>>>Would a Tomcat server be able to handle a website
>>>10,000 - 15,000 hits per day on a standard linux
>>>server? MySQL underneath.

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