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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: apache 2, tomcat 5, and ROOT application
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 00:20:14 GMT

> I want apache to handle static content
> and tomcat to handle servlet related
> stuff (jsp, etc). I am wondering how
> to specify that in httpd.conf. If I set
> DocumentRoot to /home/mywebsite/webapps/ROOT/
> that will work for but
> it will not find myapp. If I set it to
> /home/mywebsite/webapps/ it can find
>, but then I don't
> know how it can find the ROOT directory.

Here's what you want. For each webapp, you need JkMounts and Aliases. 
You can use VirtualHosts if you have different server names, but this 
works, too.

# Here's the root stuff
DocumentRoot		/path/to/webapps/ROOT
JkMount /*.jsp		root-worker
JkMount /whatever	root-worker

# Here's the stuff for 'app1'
Alias	/app1		/path/to/webapps/app1
JkMount /app1/*.jsp	app1-worker
JkMount /app1/whatever	app1-worder

You can do this for each of your applications. Just alias the base URL 
to the webapp's directory and add JkMounts.


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