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From Daniel Gibby <>
Subject Re: thread dump analysis
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 22:44:25 GMT
I definitely do have LD_KERNEL_ASSUME in my environment

If you search for LD_KERNEL and my name on google, you will see that I 
was part of a discussion a while back that was glad to find that out.

Daniel Gibby

Oscar Carrillo wrote:

>Saw your message on the boards.
>Did you make sure you have this environment variable set?
>On systems that I need it, I put it in my tomcat startup file.
>Check out my howto page for my brief notes on threading and it's potential
>problems with JVMs and threads.
>On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Daniel Gibby wrote:
>>My tomcat 4.1.29 instance running J2RE 1.4.1 IBM build 
>>cxia321411-20030930 on RedHat 9 kernel 2.4.18-14
>>keeps gaining processor usage until finally can't answer requests 
>>The machine has a relatively light load.
>>I did a kill -3 on the process that showed up on top and got a stack 
>>trace... the problem is I have no idea how to analyze the thread dump to 
>>see what is consuming CPU.
>>I'm sure something must be spinning its wheels, but I don't know how to 
>>tell... I can just see that when I run top my tomcat process has 99.9 % 
>>of the CPU and the load average is 8.00 8.00 8.00
>>I've fixed problems in the past on a separate java application (not 
>>tomcat) where I can tell what the problem is in the thread dump because 
>>a thread waiting to be notified is also the one that has a lock on it to 
>>notify the thing that is waiting to notify it... (that didn't make 
>>sense, I know... but anyway it is basically a circle where it won't ever 
>>get woken up.)
>>However, in this tomcat case, I can't see anything like that where 
>>something is waiting in circles... even though I wouldn't rule that out. 
>>My experience on reading thread dumps is limited... Anyway, can someone 
>>who has better experience tell me what is consuming the CPU? Restarting 
>>tomcat brings the load back down, and it slowly goes up again... like 
>>over a few days to a weeks time it is back up to 8.00 Load Average.
>>I won't include the whole file. I trimmed the file down to 1350 lines by 
>>getting rid of a lot of 2HPMEMMAPLINE lines and the section titled:
>>0SECTION       CL subcomponent dump routine
>>but I think that is still too long to post here.
>>I'm hoping that someone can tell me what to include and what to exclude 
>>and I'll reply with the appropriate parts of the dump.
>>0SECTION       TITLE subcomponent dump routine
>>NULL           ===============================
>>1TISIGINFO     signal 3 received
>>1TIDATETIME    Date:                 2004/02/17 at 08:53:22
>>1TIFILENAME    Javacore filename:    /tmp/javacore.20040217.085322.23429.txt
>>0SECTION       XHPI subcomponent dump routine
>>NULL           ==============================
>>1HPTIME        Tue Feb 17 08:53:22 2004
>>1HPSIGRECV     SIGQUIT received in ?? at (nil) in ??.
>>1HPFULLVERSION J2RE 1.4.1 IBM build cxia321411-20030930
>>1HPOPENV       Operating Environment
>>NULL           ---------------------
>>2HPHOSTNAME    Host             :
>>2HPOSLEVEL     OS Level         : 2.4.18-14.#1 Wed Sep 4 13:35:50 EDT 2002
>>2HPLIBCVER     glibc Version    : 2.2.93
>>2HPCPUS        Processors -
>>3HPARCH          Architecture     : (not implemented)
>>3HPNUMCPUS       How Many         : (not implemented)
>>3HPCPUSENABLED   Enabled          : 1
>>1HPMEMINFO     Memory Info
>>NULL           -----------
>>2HPMEMLINE             total:    used:    free:  shared: buffers:  cached:
>>2HPMEMLINE     Mem:  1055625216 1015181312 40443904        0 83464192 
>>2HPMEMLINE     Swap: 1052827648   929792 1051897856
>>2HPMEMLINE     MemTotal:      1030884 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     MemFree:         39496 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     MemShared:           0 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Buffers:         81508 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Cached:         599596 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     SwapCached:        236 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Active:         552968 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Inact_dirty:    344020 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Inact_clean:     50304 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Inact_target:   189456 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     HighTotal:      130880 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     HighFree:         1024 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     LowTotal:       900004 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     LowFree:         38472 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     SwapTotal:     1028152 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     SwapFree:      1027244 kB
>>2HPMEMLINE     Committed_AS:  1067972 kB
>>1HPUSERLIMITS  User Limits (in bytes except for NOFILE and NPROC) -
>>NULL           -----------
>>2HPUSERLIMIT   RLIMIT_DATA    : infinity
>>1HPSIGHANDLERS JVM Signal Handlers
>>NULL           -------------------
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  HUP            : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  INT            : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  QUIT           : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  ILL            : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  TRAP           : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  ABRT           : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  FPE            : unknown handler
>>2HPSIGHANDLER  KILL           : default handler
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