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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Displaying a 'down' page with mod_* / Apache
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:44:31 GMT
I was unable to find anything like this on the mod_* howtos or in the 
archives. Sorry if I missed somethign blatently obvious.

I would like to display a 'down' page when tomcat is not running and the 
user hits a URL that gets mapped to a worker.

Do any of the existing connectors do this sort of thing? Ideally, it 
would be something like this:

JkNoConnectionPage /sorry-app-down-for-maintenance.html

...or something like that.

I don't want to just catch error 500 in Apache and use the down page for 
that, since 500 can occur for any number of reasons -- not just Tomcat 
being unavailable.

I'm currently using mod_jk 1.2.5, but will consider switching to another 
mod if one supports this kind of thing.


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