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From jerome moliere <>
Subject Re: Hanging tomcat processes on heavy access
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:55:49 GMT
Oswald Campesato wrote:

>Hello, Chris:
>I have a couple of suggestions (but no answers).  
>1) you can attach to a process with the 'truss' command and 
>monitor the read/write activity of the process.  Syntax, options, 
>and examples of truss can be had via "man truss" or Google 
>"Unix truss command."  This *might* reveal something.
>2) you can kill hanging processes and release the port via
>a Unix command (the name escapes me right now), which
>may help reduce the number of time you need to reboot
>3) try experimenting with the min/max heap size for Java;
>perhaps you can set both of them to small values in a test
>environment to quickly reproduce the problem and use #1
>Since other people can continue working normally, it does
>not appear that you've read the maximum number of socket
>connections (338, if I remember correctly).  Did this problem
>start after having installed new software or changing the
>environment?  Perhaps you can try "rolling back" to see if
>the problem disappears....
>Christoph Fischer <> wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>here is my configuration:
>linux server with tomcat 4.1.29 connected to apache 1.3.29 via nod_jk
>java version "1.4.2_03"
>from tomcat server.xml
>port="8009" minProcessors="5" maxProcessors="500"
>acceptCount="10" debug="0"/>
>At heavy access times the user gets a blank screen on the browser
>and on the server a java process is hanging. Tomcat is still working
>and responding to further tasks, but the 'hanging' processes will
>stay around until reboot. Unfortunately the hanging processes will
>also keep a socket connection on port 8009 to apache, so after some
>time the system hangs due to too much connections.
>I could rebuild this situation also with jmeter and a simple servlet
>which only responds a simple html site, so the problem couldn't come
>from my coding.
>How can I solve this problem ? Is it coming from tomcat, apache 
>or mod_jk???
Hi christopher,
I'd like to add that you may need to improve the mod_jk config using 
arguments (parameters) like the TIME_WAIT ? could be helpful to release 
more quickly connections....
have you setted the KEEP-ALIVE parameter ?

I guess that a deep look to you mod_jk configuration may solve much 

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